Thorncombe Sports & Social Club - Skittles Section


The club has two skittle alleys that are in regular use for both serious league competition or for that fun night out. 

The history of the game dates back to the middle ages and would have originally been a monastic pastime. Later it went to America with the Pilgrim Fathers, however it soon became "less than monastic" and was associated with drinking and raucous behaviour. The puritans saw the solution in banning the game, but the participants were not to denied their sport so they took away a ball and added another pin and so it was that American Ten Pin Bowling was born.

Today the game is played by all genders and ages throughout the West Country and beyond.

At Thorncombe Sports and Social Club we enter four men's and two ladies teams in the Axminster Skittle League and you can check the club's teams progress in that league by going to the following link:-


Axminster Skittles League


Additionally, we enter two teams in the Clubs Summer League, a league of team from similar clubs from an area including Axminster, Seaton, Offwell and Colyton. We also host winter teams in both the Crewkerne Farmers League and the Cotley Hunt League. Finally, the club also has its own Sunday Skittle League that comprises of a total of twelve teams that play throughout the winter months.


Please feel free to contact the club for the availability of the alleys and you too could enjoy this ancient game.


To view the latest league report, please see the attached document below:-